Jackpot Records Music & Film Festival

This year is dedicated to misunderstood geniuses and visionaries. The groundbreakers that weren’t afraid to reveal the vision of their true selves, their true sound, or
their truly irreverent music-loving souls.

The week of films begins with hardcore punk innovators the Circle Jerks, who despite numerous disbanding’s, influenced generations of punks with their rapid fire comic social commentary and energizing performances.

Next up: the sonic pioneers of Mudhoney who’s fuzzed
out, distorted take on bluesy punk  rock and metal defined the  parameters of the “Seattle Sound” (Please be sure to stay for Mudhoney guitarist, Steve Turner, at the Q & A
immediately following the film!)

Charles Bradley “Soul Of America” is the incredible rise to fame for a 63 year old singer whose album took him
from the Brooklyn Housing Projects to being hailed as one of the best debut records of 2011.

Once dubbed the “American Bowie”, Jobriath was poised to be the next big thing in 1973 except the backlash against his openly gay lifestyle proved too powerful. His sexuality was in itself too revolutionary.

The festival closes with the Portland premiere of “Rhino Resurrected”, a story that is near and dear to our hearts. Rhino Records started as a little music shop in Los Angeles run by music geeks and patronized by rabid music fans. The shop eventually expanded into a label known for its reissues of long-lost or not loved  enough music. (Director, Editor and Co-Cinematographer: Keith Shapiro will be in attendance for Q&A after the film).

We sincerely hope you enjoy watching as much as we do sharing.
Jackpot Records

Festival Director/Curator: Isaac Slusarenko
Cover image and brochure layout: Rob Jones

Many Special Thanks to: Steve Turner, Keith Shapiro,
David Markey, Ryan Short, Jeffrey Winter, Malia Slusarenko,
Jake Sepulveda, Raquel Tresvant and to our wonderful
sponsors who make this festival possible each year.


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